The Best $5 Cocktail Ever

The Best $5 Cocktail Ever

This is my one of my favorite hacks for entertaining. When throwing a party or even showing up to a potluck, a large part of the budget is generally dedicated to booze. Well, at least at any party I’d like to be at :) For large groups of people, it can get expensive to get a buzz going. I have the perfect cocktail.

This cocktail was a happy accident that came about from me experimenting with ways to doctor up cheap red wine. There are no tricks here - it’s wine & Orangina - a French Monkey! It’s the easiest little drink to throw together and tastes just like sangria with a little fizz. It’s super refreshing and you can even add fruit to it if you like! There’s not much to it - and when a bottle of wine and a large bottle of Orangina are basically the same size, there’s no annoying leftover waste. Any red wine will do; everyone knows that TJ’s 2-buck-chuck is totally passable and is actually $2.49 ;) . You can also use Sanpellegrino Aranciata instead of Orangina. Either way, you’ll have a pitcher of bright, fruity cocktails that give the perfect slow buzz for a BBQ or party. 

What You Need: 

- Red wine

- Orangina or Sanpellegrino Aranciata

- Fruit is optional: raspberries, nectarines, peaches, strawberries, apples, oranges, anything works!

- Ice and large glasses ;) 

- Whether you’re making a pitcher full or individual glasses, mix together 2/3 parts wine and 1/3 part juice. Serve over ice and optionally with fruit. Stir and enjoy :)

Make a pitcher full, this drink is so pretty and yummy :) 

I love how gorgeous these look on a table; they can be doctored up with diced fruit, or plain and simple in a mug at home after a long day at work, honestly. I love putting together recipes with things you already have at home! I hope you all have a great week - if you try any #BrokeAndCooking recipes, be sure to let me know! Tag me in your food photos on IG or Twitter @bac_blog / #brokeandcooking! xoxo