Crispy Prosciutto & Heirloom Tomato Avocado Toast

Crispy Prosciutto & Heirloom Tomato Avocado Toast

So I'm moving to Hong Kong for a few months. Why? Just to do it. Just to experience living in another country on my own, just to push myself mentally, emotionally, physically. Just to travel, see, and learn as much as possible. I want to kick my own ass, work hard, and enjoy the life I've created for myself. My first trip to Hong Kong last year was one of the most inspirational trips I've taken. When I'm not cooking/blogging, I'm a Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I was lucky enough to brand a friend's new restaurant, CHINO, located in Kennedy Town in Hong Kong. I met so many amazing people on the short trip. The people, food, and hustle and bustle of Hong Kong made me want to move there for some time in my life. So, I'm taking off next week lol! I will continue cooking/blogging, and sharing recipes with you all...and maybe parts of my experience living in Hong Kong. 

So that got me thinking. Avocado Toast. Is it just a California thing? And if it is, I can't see why...because it's delicious. Simple food that is easily elevated with the addition of one or two more prosciutto. And vibrant heirloom tomatoes; each one with their own vibrant color, flavor, and texture. This recipe isn't hard-fast - more like a simple guide for a visually beautiful, flavorful open-faced sandwich/toast that can inspire you to build your own. Sometimes the best meals come from throwing whatever you have in the fridge together.

If you've never thrown some prosciutto on a warm pan, go now. Try it. I never thought prosciutto could get better, but when the edges curl and crisp up, the flavors intensify and becomes my favorite snack to munch on. Combining salty prosciutto, creamy avocado, rustic tomatoes, and a drizzle of pesto is the perfect satisfying lunch. What's better than bright, nutritious ingredients piled on top of rustic, toasted bread? Let's get cookin :)

What You Need:

- 4 slices Ciabatta bread

- Olive oil

- Store bought pesto, or try my recipe for Classic Pesto :)

- 1 avocado, thinly sliced

- Salt and pepper

- 1 large red heirloom tomato, thinly sliced

- 1 large yellow heirloom tomato, thinly sliced

- 1/4 red onion, thinly sliced 

- Prosciutto

What To Do:

- Wash and slice the tomatoes into thin slices. Season liberally with salt and pepper. 

- Drizzle each piece of Ciabatta with a little olive oil and lightly toast them until golden brown.

- Heat a non-stick pan over medium-high heat and crisp the slices of prosciutto. Watch as the edges curl up and the prosciutto turns golden :) Set aside.

- These toasts are completely free-form. I like to smash up a bunch of avocado and season with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes and spread a thin layer on the toast as a base. Place a few slices of crispy prosciutto on top. Then continue by placing alternating slices of red heirloom tomato, avocado, and yellow heirloom tomato. Drizzle with a bit of pesto and you're done!

Aren't they beautiful? These toasts are a great transition into fall. The saltiness of the prosciutto is wonderful with the hearty meat of the heirloom tomatoes. Love these for lunch or served with a lighter dinner :)  Have a great week! I'm busy packing and getting ready for my trip...wish me luck :) xoxo