20 Minute Chicken with Honey-Beer Sauce

20 Minute Chicken with Honey-Beer Sauce

20 Minute Chicken with Honey-Beer Sauce

20 Minute Chicken with Honey-Beer Sauce

I love last minute meals that are not only quick and easy, but on the lighter side. This chicken is so freaking good. It’s simple to make, and the recipe can be used for chicken thighs or breasts :) You can use any cheap domestic beer. I took a consensus from several guy friends to see what beer they thought would work the best with this recipe, and in the end, I chose to go with local brewed Anchor Steam. The sauce is a delicious mixture of whole grain mustard, soy sauce, honey, and beer. It all cooks down and leaves the chicken in an amazing glaze that is the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and tangy. Fresh flat leaf parsley brightens it all up. I devoured this while sitting in my garden immediately after shooting this recipe. It’s hella good, lol. Definitely my favorite new go-to during a busy weeknight. Let’s get cookin :) 

What You Need:

- 3-4 bone-in chicken thighs (This recipe will work with boneless skinless thighs, bone-in thighs, or chicken breasts as well. The amount of sauce will work for about 4 pieces of chicken regardless of the cut)

- 1 shallot

- 2 tsp evoo

- Salt & pepper

- ½ cup beer (I used Anchor Steam)

- 2 tbsp lower sodium soy sauce

- 1 tbsp whole-grain Dijon mustard (I love Beaver brand) 

- 1 tbsp honey

- Fresh flat-leaf parsley for garnish

What To Do:

- Season your chicken with salt and pepper on both sides and place aside.

- Chop up the shallot into thin slices. 

- Whisk together the whole-grain mustard, soy sauce, honey, and beer. Yum.

- In a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat, heat 2 tsp of evoo. 

- Add the chicken to the pan, skin (or formerly skin-side) down so that you can achieve some nice browning. Cook until almost cooked thru, and remove the chicken from the pan. 

- One of my favorite tools in the kitchen is this $5 meat thermometer from IKEA. It’s super easy to use - you can set the temperature you need your protein to reach, and once the probe inside the meat reaches that temp, it beeps and lets you know it’s finished :) For thigh meat, cook till 165F. I removed the thighs from the pan at around 160F. 

- After you’ve removed the chicken from the pan, dump the shallots in. Let them soften a bit, and then pour in the beer mixture. 

- Allow the sauce to come to a slow simmer over medium heat, and add the chicken back into the pan. Spoon the sauce over the chicken to baste it as it finishes off cooking to temp. 

- The sauce will cook down and thicken. Once your chicken is cooked thru, serve immediately with chopped parsley. That’s it, so easy!! This would be perfect over brown rice or quinoa, since there’s a ton of sauce to soak up :) 


I love this chicken. It’s savory and satisfying, and really light for dinner. The sauce has so much depth, and all without any effort at all. Hope you all have a great week and let me know if you try any recipes out! :)