StephanieJung -

I'm Stephanie, a freelance Graphic Designer and Food Photographer whose world revolves around food. My passion for delicious meals started very young; watching my Grandmother cook in her North Beach kitchen, exploring the markets in San Francisco's Chinatown. My dad taught me how to properly hold a knife before I could ride a bike (ok, I still can't ride a bike)!

Traveling after college allowed me to indulge in multi-cultural cuisine and tradition. I saw the same theme running through each culture I was immersed in: sharing food = love. Families lovingly preparing meals for their loved ones. I immediately related. 

For me, cooking combines multiple passions of mine: food, design, and photography. I wanted to embark on a project for myself; a cooking blog where I could share my meals and love with others. Since starting Broke and Cooking, I've had one main goal in mind: to get young people into the kitchen! Being comfortable in the kitchen is all about experimenting. I’m here to share delicious, approachable food that’s easy enough to make at home. Eating healthy, nourishing food doesn't have to be pretentious, expensive, or complicated. By integrating a few simple techniques into your skill set, you can utilize them in other ways. You'll surprise yourself with how much you already know! Broke and Cooking is just here to help inspire you to keep cookin :)