Tajín Rimmed Mango Margaritas

Tajín Rimmed Mango Margaritas

#CincoDeMayo is here again! Is it just me, or is every year passing by faster than ever? I think that certain holidays get drowned out in a bit of confusion - often people aren’t even sure of the actual meaning of the date. Cinco de Mayo is often mistaken for Mexico’s Independence Day, but this date is observed to commemorate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. My point being that it’s important to learn about, share, and honor different cultures’ holidays. 

It’s fun to explore different recipes - I have a bunch of fun and delicious ones for your weekend’s festivities here. It’s also really fun to dream up and put your own twist on the classics! One of my favorite summer snacks is sweet, ripe mango slices sprinkled with Tajín seasoning and fresh lime juice. If you haven’t tried Tajín, it’s a tangy, spicy seasoning powder made of chili peppers, salt, and dehydrated lime juice. It’s amazing on fruit, and even more delicious in micheladas. Since I’ve always loved this simple and absolutely yummy flavor combo, I thought it would be fabulous when translated into a cocktail! 

Refreshing mango margaritas get the perfect salty/spicy kick from a Tajín rim. These are super tasty - a bit of a creeper, which I always love, and easy to make in large batches for a crowd. I love Cazadores Tequila Blanco - it’s 100% Blue Agave and is a smooth, easy-going Tequila. It tastes as clean as it looks, and plays well with others. The slightly sweet taste and soft finish make it highly versatile and perfect for mixing in cocktails. Margaritas also contain Triple Sec, which is a type of Curaçao liqueur, an orange-flavored liqueur. I have always loved Cointreau, perhaps because it was my mom’s favorite.  Fresh lime juice and mango puree top this baby off. Enough talking, let’s start drankin :) 

What You Need: (Serves 1)

- 2 oz tequila

- 2 oz triple sec 

- 2.5 - 3 oz mango puree (or blended mango for a frozen marg)

- 2 oz (about 1 lime) fresh squeezed lime juice

- Tajín chile lime seasoning for rimming glasses

- Ice and shaker

What To Do: 

- In a shaker, combine 2 oz tequila, 2 oz triple sec, 2 oz lime juice, and about 2.5/3 oz mango puree over ice. You can use more mango puree/juice if you like your margarita on the sweeter side. If you’re using fresh mango, throw this all in a blender for a blended frozen margarita!

- When you’re looking for a good mango juice/puree to use, look at the ingredients and make sure there’s no high fructose corn syrup added. You’re looking for straight up mango juice! If not, don’t sweat it and use your favorite brand. 

- Shake it all up! 

- Sprinkle some Tajín in a shallow dish. I like to dip my finger in used jigger and use either a few drops of the leftover tequila or triple sec to moisten the rim of your glass. Dip the glass into the Tajín seasoning and get a nice little rim goin! 

- Pour your cocktail into the glasses! Sometimes it’s nice to chill the glasses as well. 

That’s it! Serve with a wedge of lime and your entertaining duties are done. Sit back with some Skinny Enchilada Stacks or Baked Fish Tacos :P

I definitely drank all of these after shooting - the weather has been beautiful in San Francisco and these were perfect to sip on while getting some work done in the sun! I hope you all have a great holiday, or hell, make them after a long work day :) You can switch up this recipe to include any other fruit or fruit juice - I’d love to do this with fresh watermelon!! Tag your pictures and recipes with #brokeandcooking @bac_blog! I love to hear from you :)